what was the corrupt bargain and how did it affect the presidential election of 1824?


Actually, I don’t see any corruption in that election – just politics which involved legal and political precedence.

The following is also per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_1824:

In the United States presidential election of 1824, John Quincy Adams was elected President on February 9, 1825, after the election was decided by the House of Representatives. This election is notable for being the only time since the passage of the Twelfth Amendment in which the presidential election was decided by the House of Representatives, as no candidate received a majority of the electoral vote. It is also often said to be the first election in which the president did not win the popular vote, although the popular vote was not measured nationwide. At that time, several states did not conduct a popular vote, allowing their state legislature to choose their electors.

The previous few years had seen a one-party government in the United States, as the Federalist Party had dissolved, leaving only the Democratic-Republican Party. In this election, the Democratic-Republican Party splintered as four separate candidates sought the presidency. Such splintering had not yet led to formal party organization, but later the faction led by Andrew Jackson would evolve into the Democratic Party, while the factions led by John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay would become the National Republican Party and later the Whig Party.

The election was partially a contest of favorite sons as it was a conflict over policy (positions on tariffs and internal improvements was where some significant disagreement existed), as the candidates were backed by different sections of the country: Adams was strong in the Northeast, Jackson in the South, West and mid-Atlantic, Clay in parts of the West, and Crawford in parts of the East.

John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, current Secretary of War, was initially a fifth candidate in the early stages of consideration, but he opted instead to seek the vice presidency and backed Jackson after seeing the popularity of Crawford in the South. Both Adams’ and Jackson’s supporters backed Calhoun, giving him an easy majority of electoral votes to be elected vice president.

[When] The presidential election was thrown to the U.S. House of Representatives. As per the Twelfth Amendment, only the top three candidates in the electoral vote were candidates in the House: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and William Harris Crawford. Left out was Henry Clay, who happened to be Speaker of the House. Clay detested Jackson…Moreover, Clay’s American System was far closer to Adams’ position on tariffs and internal improvements than Jackson’s or Crawford’s, so Clay threw his support to Adams, who had many more votes than Clay.

Basically I’m writing a book and I need to know the date of a presidential election in the 2050s. Doesn’t matter which one I just need to know what the date will be and what year it will be in.
Thank you.


2052 November 5.

Presidential elections are always held on the Tuesday between the 2nd and the 8th.
2050 will be a mid-term, not a Presidential election.

I stand by the 2052 date… to understand, in 1880, we had a presidential, then in 1884, 1888… jump to election 1900, 1904, 1908… jump to 2000, 2004, 2008… guess when the elections in the 19th and 20th century were? 1852, and 1952… and… in the 20th? 2052… it is not rocket science… the end numbers are the same each century, starting with 1792… the 2nd presidential election… and yes, mid’s are 2 years in between, and also held on the Tuesday between 2 and 8 November, but the question was about Presidential elections, so I kept it geared towards those…

Here is proof of dates… keep in mind, the elections are the year before the actual start of the term…


Here is an easier list from wiki… easy to verify…


Oh, and about the years divisible by 4… yes, true… now divide 2050 by 4, and 2054… and so on…. yep, they simply are not evenly divisible… qiyuansalon.com

Oops, almost forgot, here is a 2052 calendar..


How come the electoral college decides the Presidential election? How come they decide the election instead of the popular vote? And whats the point of voting if the electoral college can and has overridden the popular vote?


The electoral college decides the presidential vote because they wanted a division of power between the gov and people. They wanted to give people some power, such as voting for the president they want. The electors usually vote for the president that the majority of the people from his/her state, but they can override it. However, people vote for electors as well, so most of the time the electors will vote for what the people want. They do this because they want a boundary of power between government and people. Hope this helped!

I would doubt that Hurricane Sandy (if it were on Election Day) would be enough to prompt anyone to think a Presidential Election date should be changed.

But what about a massive Hurricane (like Katrina) or a truly massive Earthquake? Or some other large scale disaster.

Is there some legal mechanism to change the date of a Presidential Election?


First, the United States is a VERY big country-part of the reason why Federalism is the form of government (not Unitarianism like most of Europe); because the US is so large it is HIGHLY unlikely that a natural disaster would actually physically impact the entire US.

The Presidential election is held on the first Tuesday of November that is not the first day of November. The election of electors would not be delayed-at best there may be a court case that would very quickly get shot down (as in the day it was filed).

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